Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stupid church times

I know, I know,  I have been really unfair by being crap at blogging but, all I can do to prevent it happening again is by taking blogging lessons and we all know how stupid the idea of blogging lessons is. Our new kitten is making tons of noise in the background playing with her toys but I don't mind. After all, she's so cute that being angry with her should be a mortal sin. I'm going to mass soon, I have to go to this really cramped church from now on 'cause my old one now does the mass at a really awkward time.
 Back from mass. I had to save the post. I might put up a picture of our new kitten in the post to take up space. Yeah, yeah I think I will. Wait, I don't know how. Sigh. I guess this blog will stay crappy after all.