Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy Wheels Stupor

Dear God, I am so so sorry guys! I haven't been posting AT ALL. Mainly because I fell into a happy wheels stupor. Jesus, I'm somehow playing it and typing this at the same time. Ummm, so, what new has happened, I kinda attempted to start up a new blog. One I immediately wanted to toss into the fire so that it could burn to a crisp. I also lost a bunch of my best tools im minecraft so, haven't been playing that recently, due to minecraft depression, which overpowers all other game depressions. I haven't been looking at memes, which saddens me, cos' I have to post a picture, and that's going to make life hard for me. Got KotW. Finished KotW. I won't post any spoilers cos' I don't want anyone out to killl/maim/hang/stab/disembowel/decapitate me. Well, actually, for the killing one, I don't mind so long as you do it WHILE I'm asleep.
Okay, sorry about that, went and played Happy Wheels. Managed to complete a level without the use of my arms, while being irresponsible dad. Drawing, has been a kidn of black hole for me, and I can't do ANYTHING right. Oh yes, something important I should include. I'VE STARTED SECONDARY SCHOOL! Yes, and I'm doing tech graph and woodwork as my options. Oh, by the way, I would really appreciate comments. they don't even have to be nice ones, but they kinda can't be spammy ones, cos' I have to use my Mum's email for this. So, what else should I say. Ummmm, maybe I should go looking for a picture now.
You may need to strain you eyes to see that, but if you can't, just believe me, it's very funny.