Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy Wheels Stupor

Dear God, I am so so sorry guys! I haven't been posting AT ALL. Mainly because I fell into a happy wheels stupor. Jesus, I'm somehow playing it and typing this at the same time. Ummm, so, what new has happened, I kinda attempted to start up a new blog. One I immediately wanted to toss into the fire so that it could burn to a crisp. I also lost a bunch of my best tools im minecraft so, haven't been playing that recently, due to minecraft depression, which overpowers all other game depressions. I haven't been looking at memes, which saddens me, cos' I have to post a picture, and that's going to make life hard for me. Got KotW. Finished KotW. I won't post any spoilers cos' I don't want anyone out to killl/maim/hang/stab/disembowel/decapitate me. Well, actually, for the killing one, I don't mind so long as you do it WHILE I'm asleep.
Okay, sorry about that, went and played Happy Wheels. Managed to complete a level without the use of my arms, while being irresponsible dad. Drawing, has been a kidn of black hole for me, and I can't do ANYTHING right. Oh yes, something important I should include. I'VE STARTED SECONDARY SCHOOL! Yes, and I'm doing tech graph and woodwork as my options. Oh, by the way, I would really appreciate comments. they don't even have to be nice ones, but they kinda can't be spammy ones, cos' I have to use my Mum's email for this. So, what else should I say. Ummmm, maybe I should go looking for a picture now.
You may need to strain you eyes to see that, but if you can't, just believe me, it's very funny.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Pumpkins FTW!

Ok, those of you who came here via link, will know what this is all about, anyone who didn't, well, I'll tell you. In minecraft I was living in a swamp and I thought, hey, on my way here I found a lot of pumpkins. I should start a farm. Then I realised, I had no effing idea about what I could do with them. So, I thought, Well, on all those youtube videos, everyone has made their house unique, so I decided I would pumpkinify it. and now it has been done, and it looks awesome.
Oops. I can't find the screenshot. Sorry guys. You'll have to wait until next post fora picture.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How Droll

I've realised that my blog doesn't seem to be about much at all. But, I guess that's what you get for clicking on a link to a blog called the randomification machine. I might try to post at least one funny picture on each post. I recently upgraded my ipod's music repotoir* cos' I got bored of nothing but gorrilaz. I now have some Raconteurs, some Daft punk, some Vampire weekend and some Vocaloids. Sure, vocaloids are in Japanese half the time but that doesn't stop the rhythm from being good, does it? I am so glad I have at least five followers, so, because I love you all so much I will try harder on this blog. By the way, if there is anyone reading this who plays minecraft, could they please give me the IP for a free server with griefing allowed that has no whitelist? Ummm. I guess I should post a funny picture now, or a funny video. Will go looking for one now.
Erm, still haven't found any, I've found some kinda funny ones but not really funny. Where does Derek landy get his? Looking some more now.
             internet memes - Would That Be Safe, Sane, and Consensual?
Oh lol, how droll, the height of Haha.** So, what do you think of philosoraptor? He's a dinosaur and a philosopher, what more could one want? Ummm. I think I've run out of things so, peace out

*Could someone please tell me how to spell that?
** When reading this, imagine me with a face like this ._. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Omigodomigodomigod! I FAIL at blogging this is only my fifth post and I started AAAAAAAGES ago. Actually, I wonder what stuff I can copy and paste on here. Can I copy and paste games? Or videos? Sooo. Yeah. I'll probably test that out today. Cos' there's lots of funny pictures on the net that deserve to be shared with the world.
                                         Fotos / VĂ­deos de Skyrim
Hooray! It worked! That is a total lol of a picture, unless you haven't watched the avengers movie, in which case, you probably won't get it, so I'll have to see if I can post a video now.
Back now. I decided taht posting a video that would help you make sense of that picture could be counted as a spoiler. Soooo, watch at your own risk, I guess.
Okay, I don't know how I'm supposed to put up videos s I will have to put up the link instead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uaPZdhxnek
So yeah, sorry about not being able to give you the actual proper video all up in here, but, that's life when you try to read an idiots blog. Oh yes, and can somebody tell me who my followers are?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stupid church times

I know, I know,  I have been really unfair by being crap at blogging but, all I can do to prevent it happening again is by taking blogging lessons and we all know how stupid the idea of blogging lessons is. Our new kitten is making tons of noise in the background playing with her toys but I don't mind. After all, she's so cute that being angry with her should be a mortal sin. I'm going to mass soon, I have to go to this really cramped church from now on 'cause my old one now does the mass at a really awkward time.
 Back from mass. I had to save the post. I might put up a picture of our new kitten in the post to take up space. Yeah, yeah I think I will. Wait, I don't know how. Sigh. I guess this blog will stay crappy after all.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I am making an attempt at a fanfic, most likely not going to be very good since it is my first ( not the first time i have actually written something before thoguh) but i will post it up anyway

Solid Light

The man wearing the sandals on New Year’s day walked slowly up the street, his gloved hands fidgeting and flexing. This time everything will be alright, he thought. This time you will keep control. Nobody will die. Everything will work out.
He wore dark sunglass to hide his grossly misshapen eyes with and the black that filled them. This eye thing occurred through not washing your alchemy spoon after use. The potion was supposed to help him see in the dark, he could do that but he also couldn’t go out in public, blink or sleep with his eyes closed. Solid objects that touched his eyes other than his skin shrivelled up and turned into clouds of gas so he never got anything stuck in his eye as a bonus. He wore a black jacket and trousers and magic sandals that never got gum stuck to the bottom. His chin length hair was hard to keep looking good but he had improved his efforts since that Renn kid had shown up.
He was here for a supposed sorcerer attack on a bank. He was mostly a bounty hunter now but before that he had been a feared assassin. He had paid his bail after 50 years in prison and he was free as a bird now, except for the fact that he found it incredibly hard to actually get the bounty, due to the fact that his targets usually ended up dying before he could bring them to Ravel and the elders. He was wearing gloves for a reason. They helped him control his magic more effectively but people still ended up dying.
He sped up his pace and entered the bank and caught his breath.
What happened here, he thought. This is impossibleFor in the bank, everything was in perfect ship-shape order. He turned all the way around until he found a human being.
“did you see anybody strange in here recently today?” he asked. The man behind the counter tilted his head to one side. “Hmph. I guess office workers really are zombies.” He went up to the counter the man was standing at and got a map of the bank.
It wasn’t a very good map, and the man couldn’t see the point of it. He decided he would go to the manager’s office and ask him if there had been any break-ins recently.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Second Post of secondness

HI ALL! howyeh doin'? i hope nobody is following because this is a crappy blog with only one post *looks pointedly at followers* but anyway, you are all probably knowing how i am doing since i haven't actually given this blog a subject? WELL TOO BAD! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! now you will never know how i am doing! didn't you read the title? this is ab out being my second post, hence the name "Second Post of secondness"! cahn't youguys read? What am i saying, of course you can! if you couldn't you wouldn't be reading this right now! By the way, the reason there is all sorts of grammar mistakes and stuff is because of the computer eating up spaces whenever i want to add a new word in but keep another. SO DON'T JUDGE ME! judge the internet, and the taoiseach.