Saturday, 28 April 2012

I am making an attempt at a fanfic, most likely not going to be very good since it is my first ( not the first time i have actually written something before thoguh) but i will post it up anyway

Solid Light

The man wearing the sandals on New Year’s day walked slowly up the street, his gloved hands fidgeting and flexing. This time everything will be alright, he thought. This time you will keep control. Nobody will die. Everything will work out.
He wore dark sunglass to hide his grossly misshapen eyes with and the black that filled them. This eye thing occurred through not washing your alchemy spoon after use. The potion was supposed to help him see in the dark, he could do that but he also couldn’t go out in public, blink or sleep with his eyes closed. Solid objects that touched his eyes other than his skin shrivelled up and turned into clouds of gas so he never got anything stuck in his eye as a bonus. He wore a black jacket and trousers and magic sandals that never got gum stuck to the bottom. His chin length hair was hard to keep looking good but he had improved his efforts since that Renn kid had shown up.
He was here for a supposed sorcerer attack on a bank. He was mostly a bounty hunter now but before that he had been a feared assassin. He had paid his bail after 50 years in prison and he was free as a bird now, except for the fact that he found it incredibly hard to actually get the bounty, due to the fact that his targets usually ended up dying before he could bring them to Ravel and the elders. He was wearing gloves for a reason. They helped him control his magic more effectively but people still ended up dying.
He sped up his pace and entered the bank and caught his breath.
What happened here, he thought. This is impossibleFor in the bank, everything was in perfect ship-shape order. He turned all the way around until he found a human being.
“did you see anybody strange in here recently today?” he asked. The man behind the counter tilted his head to one side. “Hmph. I guess office workers really are zombies.” He went up to the counter the man was standing at and got a map of the bank.
It wasn’t a very good map, and the man couldn’t see the point of it. He decided he would go to the manager’s office and ask him if there had been any break-ins recently.

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