Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Second Post of secondness

HI ALL! howyeh doin'? i hope nobody is following because this is a crappy blog with only one post *looks pointedly at followers* but anyway, you are all probably knowing how i am doing since i haven't actually given this blog a subject? WELL TOO BAD! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! now you will never know how i am doing! didn't you read the title? this is ab out being my second post, hence the name "Second Post of secondness"! cahn't youguys read? What am i saying, of course you can! if you couldn't you wouldn't be reading this right now! By the way, the reason there is all sorts of grammar mistakes and stuff is because of the computer eating up spaces whenever i want to add a new word in but keep another. SO DON'T JUDGE ME! judge the internet, and the taoiseach.


  1. You should add a gadget so we can see the followers

  2. Komodo, I don't follow blogs, I stalk them. You need to start following blogs. That is an order from your Blog Foster Daughter, who is also older than you.*Nods*. I will see you tomorrow. I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THE IRISH ESSAY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! :D